BLACKSTONE type TP 77bhp

20160114_162428Geoff Carter

BLACKSTONE Type TP  77 horsepower @ 420 rpm

Manufactured by Blackstone & Co.Ltd  Stamford,England 1961

Thought to have been originally used in a country power station.

It was installed at the Caiguna Roadhouse on the Eyre Hgwy in about 1966 by Mr Oliver Lovelle who maintained & serviced it regularly.

In Oct 1987 it was replaced by a more modern high reving power unit & the blackstone was disposed of in a gravel pit

Mr Wayne Brennand discovered it and had it brought to Gibson were it

lay in pieces, until being sold to Geoff Carter & Jack Collins in Aug 2006 .

After five years of extensive restoration it was restarted in Aug 2011.

Before the restart it was mounted on a purpose built block incorporate

in the new concrete floor in the corner of the new shed.

The dry weight of the assembly is   7,355kg