FORDSON 10-10 E83W

In 1993 John Campbell the owner of Fraser Range Station, which is 100kms east of Norseman gave me this van

The van was transported to Esperance and dismantled into three components, wooden frame, chassis and outer shell. My friend Alex Jovanovich a cabinet maker of Yarloop did an excellent job of reproducing the original ash frame and floor in jarrah. The upper green parts of the framework are original and the dark brown is jarrah.

After 25 years EMRG member Des PLECAS said “your van can’t stay in your sea container,if you get it out I’ll help you”.

There were three main components as seen below,the chassis, frame and shell.

A rotisserie was built on which to suspend the shell for sandblasting.

The interior was painted white to highlight the varnished frame and floor which held it in place so we could fit it on to the chassis.

When it came to the front doors, I discovered there was wood in the bottom of them. This resulted in Alex having to come out of retirement to make the bottom frames for both doors

Alex Jovanovich, Hugh Knight and Des Plecas

The story of the engine is the original engine was in bits in the van with a hole in the block. I acquired an E93A engine from the Classic English Ford Club in Perth. This was delivered to me by Chris Newman who is a longstanding member of that club. The head required machining and this was done by Des Plecas in his lathe.

The engine and gearbox were painted green prior to being installed.

New tyres were sourced and the body required some panel repairs before it was painted EMRG green with black highlights

I have licensed the Fordson with EMRG plates which stands for Esperance Mechanical Restoration Group. This is were it was restored and will remain on premises for public display. once the group’s logo is sign written on the sides.